Affording Tuition

Committed to helping families afford Christian Education

Tuition Assistance Program through FACTS

All families are welcome and encouraged to fill out FACTS to be considered for a tuition adjustment to help make a JCS education affordable. This program focuses on each individual family and adjusts tuition for their circumstances. FACTS is an easy-to-use online resource.  Click here to begin the FACTS application process. Click here for information on the Tuition Assistance program.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

TRIP is a simple program with no participation fees. In this program, families purchase gift certificates through Jenison Christian on Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings at school. Participating families receive credit toward the designated tuition account of their choice. Click here to learn more. Sign up here to volunteer to help with this program

Jenison Christian Graduated Tuition Discount Plan

Through the work of the foundation, Jenison Christian School offers the following graduated tuition discount plan:

  • 1st Child - full cost
  • 2nd Child - 5% off
  • 3rd Child - 15% off
  • 4th Child - 50% off
  • 5th Child - 75% off
  • 6th Child - FREE

Jenison Christian Education Foundation Grant

This is a fund established to keep Christian education affordable for all families. This grant is automatically applied to every family's cost before the upcoming school year's tuition pricing is set as an effort to keep the cost for families as low as possible.

REVIVE store

The Revive resale store, sponsored by Unity Christian High School, was started in 2010. The proceeds are to help keep Christian education affordable by providing funds for tuition assistance for Unity, Jenison, Allendale, Borculo, Hudsonville, and Lamont Christian schools.  This past year each school received $35 per student to help keep education affordable.The store is located on the corner of 36th Avenue and Baldwin Street and is always looking for volunteers and donations of clothing and housewares to help support Christian education.


Many Jenison Christian families also receive tuition assistance or adjustments through their churches. Ask our church if they have a program for tuition assistance.

Payment Plans

Jenison Christian School has multiple payment plans available to help fit with family preferences and budgeting styles including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments. These payments may be made directly from ACH debit withdrawal or by checks.