Reading Incentives

Our facility

The Jenison Christian School Library is centrally located in our building between the elementary and middle school. Within the library are two sides to accommodate both elementary and middle school students. All students from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade visit the library with their class once a week. All grades visit the library frequently for research and projects. Also, many students enjoy popping in to say "hi" or picking up a new book. Maintaining a peaceful, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere is one of our goals. JCS has an excellent book collection which grows every year. We are blessed to have over 11,000 books in our library.

Reading Incentives

30 Book Challenge - 3rd & 4th Grade

The third and fourth graders have a reading incentive program called the 30 Book Challenge. You can see our wall in the hallway outside the faculty lounge. Students are challenged to read 30 books over the course of the school year.  To encourage students to explore different genres, the books are broken into 6 categories:

     5 Informational books

     4 Fantasy

     3 Biography/autobiography

     3 Newberry Award winnners

     4 Mysteries

     11 Personal Choice

As students complete a category, they can sign their name to the wall.  If students complete the whole wall, they are recognized at an award ceremony in June.

Reading Achievements - 5th through 8th grade

The fifth-eigth grade reading incentive program is called Reading Achievements. The students can work toward 15 achievements that are posted in the library. Once an achievement has been completed, they pick out a prize. Achievements vary from reading three books from different genres to reading a poetry book and producing a poster illustrating of one of the poems. The achievements are not mandatory and can be accomplished in any order.