At Jenison Christian, we realize the importance of a solid academic curriculum, interwoven in a caring, faith-filled environment. Because Christ is Lord of all, faith in Christ is essential to understanding and learning. We also believe that children learn best when they are comfortable, valued, and active in educational activities.

Through hands-on activities, well-planned and cohesive study lessons, and small class sizes, teachers at Jenision Christian offer a strong foundation for a solid education.

Spiritual Growth

  • All objects are taught from a Christian perspective.
  • Bible is a core subject in the curriculum, not an elective class.
  • We use the Walking with God and His People curriculum published by Christian Schools International. This curriculum helps students know God's word, believe His promises, and live in faith and obedience.
  • Bible memorization is a key component in the curriculum.
  • Students learn how and are encouraged to live out their faith in the community



  • Our Zoo Phonics curriculum helps to develop a strong base and excitement for reading. 
  • Through our Words Their Way program, students use a discovery to understand vocabulary and phonics. 
  • Teacher's use a rich variety of high quality children's literature and draw from authors and our faith to build comprehension skills. 
  • Independent and instructional reading levels are assessed, and students are matched with good fit non-fiction and fiction level books.
  • Reading Workshop is implemented in all classrooms.  The workshop model allows teachers the ability to differentiate in their teaching to meet the various reading abilities in the class.  Fluency, comprehension and decoding strategies are taught withint these groups.
  • Vocabulary is built through reading instruction.
  • A strong reading program is enhanced by additional support staff.
  • A love for reading is developed through special events and book sharing. All grade levels receive instruction in library skills.


  • As Christians, students have the responsibility and opportunity to communicate the love and good news of Christ to others.  In writing, students are developing the necessary writing skills to do this effectively.
  • The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum teaches students the formation of letters and numbers. 
  • Our Lucy Calkins writing curriculum focuses on teaching children that writing is a life-long process
  • In primary grades, students begin learning writing skills to write in many genres including personal narratives, non-fiction writing and poetry.
  • The upper grades teach in more formal and purposeful craft lessons further developing narrative and nonfiction writing. In addition they begin writing opinions and response to literature.


  • Math is an area of learning that brings order to the world God has created!
  • Houghton Mifflin Math Expressions is the curriculum used in grades kindergarten through fifth grade at JCS. 
  • This curriculum combines standards-based instruction with the best of traditional approaches. It uses objects, drawings, and real world situations to help students build mathematical skills and thinking.
  • This curriculum includes, intervention, at level, and challenge differentiation to support the various needs in the classroom


  • God is the Creator of our universe. He reveals Himself to us through the intricate creation of his people, animals, processes, and systems.
  • Battle Creek Science is used for our science program.
  • This curriculum encourages children to be actively involved in learning, allowing each to enjoy science through hands-on activities.

Social Studies

  • Students see both how God has worked throughout history, and how Christians are called to make a difference in their world today.
  • The Michigan Citizenship Curriculum addresses concepts in geography, history, government, and economy through the experience of individuals, families, and the local community. State history, and the United States government are also taught.
  • Activities include literature reflections, hands-on experiences, partner observations, and community activities.

Physical Education

  • Students work to achieve mature forms in basic locomotor skills and vary the manner in which these skills are performed
  • Students demonstrate smooth transitions between sequential locomotor skills
  • Students work to achieve mature form in manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, rolling, kicking, dribbling, and striking
  • Students use pedometers to monitor and record activity levels and set goals based on past performance
  • Students exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others
  • Students recognize the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction
  • Third and fourth grade students participate in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge and set performance goals for the Challenge components


  • When children create art, they are acting as image bearers of the Creator.  In the same way that our God's creation is evidence of His existence, so too our artwork gives evidence of His work in us.  We create beauty as our Father in heaven did and does to redeem the world. We do all this for His glory. 
    "Do all to the Glory of God"  1 Corinthians 10:31 
  • The JCS art curriculum focuses on exposure to art, experience with new materials and ideas, and expression as individual creators.
  • Emphasis on problem solving and risk taking challenge thinking.  Planning and originality are encouraged.


  • The Spanish curriculum focuses on learning Spanish vocabulary, as well as appreciating Hispanic culture. Students enjoy comparing and contrasting our culture and traditions with traditions and customs in the Hispanic culture.
  • Activities include songs, motions, role-plays, games, and many interactive activities to learn Spanish in fun and memorable ways!
  • All students, preschool through 8th grade, have Spanish classes on a regular basis to build up their knowledge of Spanish.
  • When students have an understanding of Spanish and are able to communicate (even basic phrases) in Spanish, they are able to fulfill the second greatest commandment to… “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:39) by being able to interact with our Hispanic brothers and sisters in Christ. 


  • Because we believe in educating the whole person of God, music is important to grow the soul.  
  • Our program builds from year to year to the goal of becoming a music reader.
  • Music skills and knowledge build on the skills and knowledge learned from the year before.
  • Music classes contain a wide variety of lessons that include singing, listening, playing, reading, and moving


  • The Jenison Christian School Library is centrally located in our building between the elementary and middle school. 
  • Within the library are two sides to accommodate both elementary and middle school students. 
  • All students from prekindergarten through 4th grade visit the library with their class once a week. Students throughout the grades visit the library frenquently for research projects.
  • Maintaining a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is one of the library goals.  
  • JCS has an excellent book collection which grows every year.  We have over 11,000 books in our library.
  • Click here to learn more about the Reading Incentive program.
Every child comes to Jenison Christian with unique gifts and abilities. Our prayer is that we nurture those gifts and offer not only a solid learning environment, but also instill a clear understanding of God's integral role in our world and in our hearts.