Program Offerings

 We believe that God created each child to be unique. We are thankful to have a variety of classroom options to best meet each child so he/she can continue to grow and learn into the child God has called him/her to be. We offer the following classoom options.

Early Childhood
3-year-old preschool classrooms
  • M/W program
  • T/Th program
  • M/W/F program
  • T/Th/F program
4-year-old preschool classrooms
  • M/W program
  • T/Th pogram
  • M/W/F program
  • T/Th/F program
  • M/T/W/Th program 
1/2 Day-8:15am-Noon
All Day -8:15am-3:15pm
PreKindergarten  Classrooms
  • Everyday, half days 
Kindergarten Classrooms
  • Everyday, half days
  • Everyday, all day
1st Grade Classroom
1st/2nd Grade Classroom
2nd Grade Classroom

3rd Grade Classroom

3rd/4th Grade Classroom

4th Grade Classroom
Middle School
5th Grade Classrooms

6th Grade Classrooms

7th Grade Classrooms

8th Grade Classrooms