School Community

Jenison Christian is a community of 392 students in preschool through eighth grade. We have 100 students that are part of our three-year-old and four-year-old preschool programs and 292 students in our prekindergarten through eighth grade programs. Our average class size is 20 students.

Program Offerings 

We believe that God created each child to be unique. We are thankful to have a variety of classroom options to best meet each child so he/she can grow and learn. We offer the following classoom options. 
3-year-old preschool classrooms
  • M/W program
  • T/Th program
  • M/W/F program
  • T/Th/F program
4-year-old preschool classrooms
  • M/W program
  • T/Th pogram
  • M/W/F program
  • T/Th/F program
  • M/T/W/Th pogram 
PreKindergarten  Classrooms
  • Everyday, half days
  • Everyday, all day 
Kindergarten Classrooms
  • Everyday, half days
  • Everyday, all day
1st Grade Classroom
1st/2nd Grade Classroom
2nd Grade Classroom

3rd Grade Classroom

3rd/4th Grade Classroom

4th Grade Classroom

5th Grade Classrooms

6th Grade Classrooms

7th Grade Classrooms

8th Grade Classrooms


We are blessed as a diverse school body with more than 40 different area churches represented through the families that choose Jenison Christian as their school.  Each member is committed to the common cause of immersing our students in an excellent educational experience centered on Jesus Christ.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parental involvement in all aspects of your child’s education.  Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time, whether it is to volunteer or just peek in to give a special note to your child.  Parents are given many opportunities to volunteer at JCS as well as serving on our parent club. Parent club provides a specific list of opportunities at enrollment.  Click here for more information.

Love & Logic

We practice a Love and Logic discipline approach in our classrooms. This means that we approach problem solving with the eyes of Jesus as we talk out problems and look to resolve through discussions about making appropriate choices.  Grace and consequences drive this discipline program.