Our Story

Church Support

With the support of the Jenison Christian Reformed Church, Jenison Christian School opened in September of 1930, in the basement of the church with 31 students. With the depression looming and many job losses, the first five years were a struggle, but God was faithful. In 1935, a building was bought and dedicated in 1936.

Growth and Change

The next 70 years brought years of phenomenal growth and change as God continued to bless JCS. A Junior High was built and classrooms continued to be added. Meanwhile, the Graceland campus expanded to include grades PreK-8 along with a booming Preschool.

Modernizing Education

Today, our facilities have been updated to include two top-notch, student computer labs, a rolling cart with laptops for an entire classroom, and digital projectors in every classroom from PreKindergarten through 8th grade to enhance teaching and learning. Smart-boards are also an enhancement of learning in some of our classrooms.

Future Plans

Discussions are taking place about our vision for continued faith, excellence, and service in our school as we head into the future. With all of the changes that have taken place, Jenison Christian remains unchanged in our calling to offer a Christ-centered education to God's children.