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Calvin DeWeerd
Calvin DeWeerd
2nd Grade Teacher
Groups: Elementary
I believe that as Christians, our greatest calling is to love God, and love others.  In all that I say and do, I do my best to show others God's love and kindness and show them that they are loved.  Each person has been made unique and special by God.  God has given me the gift of sharing joy, inclusion, and developing relationships with others.  I feel strongly called to help grow and develop our community as brothers and sisters in Christ.  God came down, and died a sinners' death for us so that we could be saved and live forever with him.  In return, our calling is to love all like he loves us, especially those that are hard to love.  Through Christ, we are called to live and learn together in love.
I grew up in Kentwood MI, and graduated from South Christian High School.  I attended Calvin College to achieve my Bachelors in Elementary Education with specialties in Integrated Science and Physical Education and graduated in 2019.
  1. I've been a counselor at Camp Roger for the past three summers.
  2. I greatly enjoy sports, especially basketball, ultimate Frisbee, golf, and soccer.
  3. I love hiking, and biking out in God's beautiful creation.