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Nick Reed
Nick Reed
Physical Education Teacher
Groups: Specials
I grew up in Jenison and attended Grandville Christian and Calvin Christian Schools. I completed my teaching degree at Grand Valley State University. My previous experience has been teaching K-8 PE and middle school health at Fremont Christian Schools. I love being back in the Jenison community! My wife, Rachel, is a 3rd grade teacher at Allendale Christian School. We live in Wyoming with out dog, Brantley.
  1. The only major injury I have had is from a mini golf accident.
  2. On Saturdays in the fall, you will catch me on the couch watching college football. Go BLUE!
  3. My wife and I have had 3 moving days within our first 2 years of marriage. All 3 moving days I have found a way to be out of town, leaving my wife to do the majority of work. (2 of these times I have been on the golf course...!)