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Sue Helder
Sue Helder
Groups: Specials
I believe that I belong to God. He picked me and I am His child. I believe that He is in control of all things and my job is to trust him. I believe that Jesus will come again, and we will have a new heaven and a new earth. I love connecting books or situations to our faith, bringing out the wonder of God's creation through books. I want my students to know that our God is amazing, creative, and personal. God made all the intricate plants and interesting animals that we see pictured in our books, and He knows each of us so well that He knows when a hair falls from our heads. God has taught me to trust him in the moment and to look back and see how He has orchestrated my life.
I grew up Grandville, MI and attended Calvin College where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. I have been a librarian at JCS since 2008.
  1. I love to read.
  2. I enjoy traveling with my husband. We have been to Europe a few times, and plan to return as often as possible. How many stamps can I get on my passport?
  3. I once had a pet snake get lost in my house. It was eventually found inside an upholstered chair, and it had to be cut out.