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Tiffany Snyder
Tiffany Snyder
Art Teacher
Groups: Specials
Tiffany Snyder grew up and graduated from Dansville, Michigan. She moved to Grand Rapids to attend Kendall College of Art and Design, graduating in 2009. She obtained a cosmetology license while substitute teaching for Grand Rapids Public Schools until she was hired as a full time elementary art teacher for the district from 2011-2016. Afterward she returned to substitute teaching in a variety of classrooms and districts, including Jenison Public and Caledonia Public, looking at every experience as a learning and growing opportunity. She and her husband Jordan have been married 7 years and enjoy the time they spend together riding motorcycles, hiking, and exploring artisan crafts like metal, wood and leather work in their home studio. They share a love of animals and express it with their pet Chihuahua, Rocco and a cat, Chief. Individually, Tiffany enjoys reading, gardening and spending time in nature whenever possible. What Tiffany loves most about being an art teacher is witnessing the power of creative thought taking tangible form. Guiding this process fills her heart! She believes art is a tool for communicating what can’t be said and reconnecting us to each other and our true purpose.
  1. Favorite prints are camouflage and leopard.
  2. Would pick skydiving over snorkeling.
  3. Loves board games and Boggle.