Child Care

Daily Devotions

It is so important to begin your day with God. Every morning before the elementary students begin school, the Child Care program at JCS begins a time of devotions. The children make a large circle and listen as different students take turn leading the devotion.

Prayer Time

As you walk past the Child Care room just before school begins, you will see the students standing in a circle holding hands and sharing in a time of prayer. After prayer time the Child Care staff dismisses the school age students. Child Care also focuses on prayer before they enjoy a meal together. The students often participate in the prayer.

Bible Stories

Using the Preschooler's Bible, children see God through the stories. They learn that they are God's children, that God loves them, and He takes care of His children.

Worship Time

The Child Care children participate in a time of worship with music and movement praise songs.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a week-long exercise in spiritual growth.  It is our prayer that during these five days, the staff and students of JCS will build community, connect with our Lord and each other, grow in relationship with our Lord and each other, and deepen our faith commitment. During daily devotions the theme is emphasized during Spiritual Emphasis Week. Child Care also attends many of the Spiritual Emphasis Week Chapels.

Praise and Worship

Most Fridays, Child Care children and elementary students gather to sing and worship together. Our praise and worship time focuses on our theme. We learn about how the theme applies to our lives and sing songs related to this theme.

School-Wide Chapel

As a whole school we gather for a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Chapel. Many students and grade levels participate, including our middle school praise band and 3rd/4th girls interpretive dance team.

Love God, Love Others, Love Creation, & Love Yourself

We practice a Love and Logic discipline approach in our Child Care with a focus on loving God, others, creation and yourself. This means that we approach problem solving with the eyes of Jesus as we talk out problems and look to resolve through discussions about good choices.  Grace and consequences are two things that drive this discipline program. Children learn how to take ownership of their choices.