Elementary School


The main goal of Jenison Christian is, in every way, in every subject to lead our students to see Christ at work in His World. We are intentional in our lesson planning making sure that Christ is the focus of our units of study.  Not only are we intentional in our planning, we are intentional in our activities and events.

Bible curriculum by grade level

Students learn Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. Through these stories, students learn about God's love for His people and how His people, in gratitude, showed their love for God.  Students are encouraged to express their love for God.

1st Grade

Students study the Old and New Testament Bible stories emphasizing the connection between God's people and God's plans. The stories begin with God's creation of the world, our fall into sin, and the covenants God makes with his people.  Students are challenged to think about how they can live out their faith.

2nd Grade

Students study the Old and New Testaments with lessons of the Bible focusing on how God works out His plan to bring a Messiah to redeem His people.  Students learn that Jesus is the promised Messiah of the Old and New Testament.  Students are encouraged to respond faithfully to Christ's work of redemption in their lives.

3rd Grade

Students begin to find their identify as image bearers of God as they study the attributes of God through stories in the Old and New Testaments. They dig deeper into Scripture to see what it means to have a relationship with God. They also are challenged to respond in faith to God's call.

4th Grade

Students take an in-depth look at Israel from the time of the Judges until the Exile.  They continue to learn about the themes of God's faithfulness amid the people's constant rebellion. They connect God's faithfulness to His people in the Bible and to His people today.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a week-long experience in spiritual growth.  It is our prayer that during these five days, the staff and students of JCS build community, connect with our Lord and each other, grow in relationship with our Lord and each other, and deepen our faith commitment.

During this week, one day is devoted to service work in the community.  The entire student body travels to more than 20 sites including nursing homes, thrift stores, day care centers, community gardens, and other agencies.  Students are encouraged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

School-Wide Chapel

As a whole school we gather for a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Chapels. Many students and grade levels participate, including our middle school praise band and third and fourth girls interpretive dance team.

Praise and Worship

On Fridays, the elementary students and staff gather to sing praise to God and worship together. Our praise and worship time focuses on our school wide theme. We learn to apply the theme to our live. We learn song related to the theme.

Family Groups

To build community and grow in the love of Christ, JCS students are a part of family groups. Family groups consist of students from each grade level lead by an elementary teacher.  Family groups meet five times throughout the year.  Each meeting is designed to build community within the group, learn more about our school theme, and work on service projects to share in the school community.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Every Thanksgiving, student in the middle school host a school-wide food drive for area food distribution agencies.

Love God, Love Others, Love Creation, and Love Yourself

 The Love and Logic discipline approach used in our Preschool focuses on loving God, others, creation and yourself. We approach problem solving with the eyes of Jesus talking out problems to resolve issues.  Grace and consequences are key principles that drive this discipline program. Children learn how to take ownership of their choices.


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