Bible Stories

Each week in preschool we focus on a different Bible stories.  We feel it is important for our students to learn more about God through His story. Student learn that they are part of that story too. To reinforce Bible stories, the student use different hands-on materials and Bible visuals that help enhance the stories!

Songs of Praise

Our preschoolers love to praise God through singing.  In preschool we learn a variety of songs, ranging from traditional Bible songs to more contemporary music incorporating movement. Our preschool students get excited about praising their Lord each day.


Our preschoolers learn about how and why we pray in our program. Prayer circle happens every day in which each child is given the opportunity to pray.  It is amazing to hear some of the most meaningful prayers come out of the mouths of our smallest students. 

Bible Verses

Our preschool children memorize several Bible verses throughout the year.  We believe that children should learn the Word of God from an early age.

Christmas Program

Our preschoolers present a Christmas program, telling the true story of Christmas through song.  We celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior by acting out the truth of Jesus with this special program for friends and family.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis week is a school wide, week-long exercise in spiritual growth that included preschoolers. During this week the preschool creates special projects for various organizations.  We prayed for the organizations we are helping. 

Faith through Actions

In preschool it is important to learn how we can act and follow Jesus.  We focus on showing love: love to God, love to others, love to oneself, and love for God’s creation.  Our goal is to live out these actions in preschool.

Love God, Love Others, Love Creation, & Love Yourself
The Love and Logic discipline approach used in our Preschool focuses on loving God, others, creation and yourself. We approach problem solving with the eyes of Jesus talking out problems to resolve issues.  Grace and consequences are key principles that drive this discipline program. Children learn how to take ownership of their choices.

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