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Tiffany Snyder
Tiffany Snyder
Groups: Specials
Tiffany Snyder grew up in rural Dansville, Michigan. She moved to Grand Rapids to attend Kendall College of Art and Design, graduating in 2009. She has taught art in Jenison since 2019 and was previously employed by Grand Rapids Public Schools. She enjoys reading, mountain biking, lifting weights, and spending time in nature whenever possible. What Tiffany loves most about being an art teacher is building resilience through challenge and watching students strengthen their problem-solving skills and growth mindset. Curiosity and wonder fill her heart! She believes creativity is a divine gift and art skills help communicate what can’t be said, reconnect us to each other and enrich our life adventures!
  1. Favorite prints are camouflage and leopard.
  2. Would pick skydiving over snorkeling.
  3. Loves board games and Boggle.