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Tim Paauw
Head of School


I have been blessed and my heart is filled with so much joy to be the school leader of Jenison Christian School since 2010. I have the amazing privilege of watching students throughout all stages of their learning - from preschool to 8th grade. I also have the privilege of interacting with many incredible supporters of our school from grandparents to community members who believe in the value of JCS. Over our 90-year history they have continued to pour in their prayer and financial support to keep this special community going strong.
JCS is such a special school community for many reasons, but what makes ‘The JCS Experience’ so unique is that we are a school commUNITY that is unified in Christ and focused on providing the best for each one of our students. From the moment you walk in our door for the first time, you will sense a difference; a place where your family will feel valued and welcomed. Our staff and board often hear me say the phrase, “There is no ‘us’ versus ‘them’ in Christ, just us-together.” I believe this phrase is well stated in the Bible when you look at 1 Corinthians 12:12. JCS is a ‘body of Christ’ made up of many people with various abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and passions. When we start from acknowledging that each holds value in our group and when we can encourage each other in love like Christ shows us, then we are fulfilling our mission at JCS and shining as a beacon of light to our school, local, and global community in powerful ways.
We lead as a team (board, staff, and community) with our students as our top priority and we invest in pursuing excellence in education for them. A glimpse into our school program will show you our hope for their lives as you would see: weekly worship, a large support staff focused on inclusion of all students no matter what ability or challenge they may have, many service projects within our community at all grade levels, teachers actively instructing with a close focus on individual learning progress and feedback, and our faith come to live in all aspects of learning as we study God’s world and God’s word - the Bible. Our teachers spend time in prayer with their classes. They dive into the Bible as our ultimate standard of truth, engaging in and actively leading conversations in social studies, science, math, language arts, and so much more from a Christian perspective with best practices.
I can attest to the fact that JCS is not about a ‘place’ but rather the people and our God who leads from His throne in grace and with His ultimate love through Christ.  I hope you find that to be your JCS experience as you learn more about us. If you haven’t visited our community yet, I would like to invite you to schedule a tour with me by clicking HERE.
In Christ,
Tim Paauw, JCS Principal | Head of School