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We see God move in extraordinary ways at Jenison Christian School! Since opening its doors in September 1930 in the basement of a church with 31 students, to the phenomenal growth and change up until now, God continues to bless our school. Today, Jenison Christian School is a community of almost 500 students in preschool through eighth grade. We have a remarkable staff who are passionate about each of their students, a thriving preschool program, a fantastic on-site school childcare program, and a strong focus on serving in our community and our world.
Our elementary school was built in the 1960s and our middle school was added on in the 1990s. While we've been good stewards of our building, it has become clear that from a financial, building integrity, educational model, and safety perspective, we are at a critical time where changes to the JCS building are necessary. These changes will not only preserve the building integrity but will equip Jenison Christian School to thrive and be extraordinary for many years to come.
JCS has experienced FOUR great summers of construction (2020-2023). To continue these needed updates at JCS, we are asking our community to consider a multi-year pledge to the campaign so we can commit NOW to the work needing to be done SUMMER 2024. As programs continue to thrive and JCS continues to grow, you can be a Kingdom builder with your pledged gift TODAY.



Building and Maintenance

Walking through Jenison Christian School, the age of the building becomes very apparent. Maintenance contractors can be seen regularly fixing the 30-year-old roof and boilers, potholes and flooding in the parking lot, ceiling tiles from rain and snow leaks, and many other miscellaneous challenges.

Current Model of Education

Shifts in education models over the last 60 years, as well as advancements in our understanding of how students learn, has us rethinking how learning happens at JCS. Having more adaptable and flexible learning spaces with necessary tools to support and inspire creation, innovation, and learning is imperative to our 21st century learning needs.


When JCS was built in the 1960s, building security was not on the radar. Included in our plan are modifications that will greatly increase the safety and security of our students and staff.


JCS has experienced growth of over 100 students in the last 2 years and is already planning for over 30 new students next year. We have an immediate need for two new classroom spaces to be built in the summer of 2024.


In 2019, the School Board finalized a Master Plan that renovates our building and provide extraordinary education for future generations. The flexibility of the Master Plan prioritizes maintenance and updates to the building as funds are raised.
  • Phase 1 -$400,000 – COMPLETED SUMMER 2020
    • Replacement of worst sections of JCS roof
    • Improvements to the exterior of the building including construction of a drop off loop, and a complete renovation of four bathrooms in the elementary wing, making them more modern and ADA compliant
  • Phase 2 - $1,900,000 – COMPLETED SUMMER 2021
    • Replacing one of the three existing boilers
    • Fully renovating the 60-year-old early elementary classrooms and hallways to facilitate 21st century learning
    • Creating spaces for multi-grade collaboration, STEAM activities, and worship
    • Creating new spaces for community events and connections
  • Phase 3 - $1,800,000 - COMPLETED SUMMER 2023
    • Completely renovating existing preschool classrooms.
    • Creating an early childhood gathering space for classes and community.
    • Moving the JCS infant-age 12 childcare into the early childhood wing.
    • Creating a safe and welcoming entrance for preschool and childcare - COMPLETED SUMMER 2022
    • Completely renovating the 5 remaining 1960's classrooms.
  • Phase 4 - $3,500,000
    • Renovating the JCS main entrance and office space.
    • Building classrooms, bathrooms, and office space connecting the elementary and middle school wings of the building.


We invite you to partner with Jenison Christian School’s capital campaign in 3 ways:
Pray that JCS will continue to be “Something Extraordinary” for many more years to come.
  1. Give a gift to help fund the capital campaign. Commitments at all levels are greatly appreciated.
  2. Connect your friends and family to support JCS.


How can I give?


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