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Music (Grades 6th-8th)
  • Jazz Band: Jazz Band offers students the opportunity to explore a rich and uniquely American genre. Students play a wide range of styles from the blues to Latin jazz. In addition, the groups practice the fundamentals of improvisation, integrating this elemental aspect of jazz performance in our concerts.
  • Honors Choir: This auditioned group offers the opportunity for choral students to perform more advanced music in a small-group setting. In addition to receiving high marks for their festival performances at the district and state levels, the Honors Choir has been selected to perform at the prestigious Michigan Music Conference on three occasions (2002, 2007, 2013).
Intramurals (Grades 5th-8th)
  • Students participate in intramural activities.
  • Activities focus on the team sports that are taught in middle school physical education.
  • Students demonstrate leadership, cooperation, respect, and responsibility participating in a team sport.
Explore Math
Explore Math is an opportunity for students in 3rd and 4th grade to stretch their brains and be challenged with math. The students take pretests before each math unit, and their teachers decide who has already grasped the concepts of the unit. Those students are then eligible for Explore Math, which is a twice-weekly pullout program. During their scheduled math time, those in Explore Math do project based learning and math games that are focused on the current math unit.
The ACT program is an accelerated learning program for select 3rd-6th graders from JCS and the five JPS elementary schools. Dr. Julie Clark spends 2 hours with each grade level once a week to take a closer look at various learning concepts, challenging students to apply their knowledge and understanding beyond that of their current grade level. The curriculum incorporates numerous methods of learning, including many hands-on activities, and field trip experiences. Students are generally selected by their teacher in 2nd grade to take a cognitive abilities test, though some students can test into the program in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, as deemed appropriate by their teacher, or at the request of the parent. Once a student has tested into the program, they are able to meet with the group through their 6th grade year. 
STEAM week happens each year on the week leading up to Spring Break.  It is a special week in elementary (K-4th grade) focusing on the resources and gifts God has given them to learn more about His world. The week is inquiry-based with a focus on teamwork. Students explore using the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Students work within their family groups to form a multi-age group of 3-4 students. Groups are given a challenge and then work as a team to plan, devise, create, and evaluate their solution/creation.  Each day (Monday-Wednesday) they will move as a family group to a different elementary classroom for a new challenge. The Thursday of that week is a day of sharing and celebrating what they have learned. 
Outdoor Learning
Jenison Christian outdoor learning is a space used for a variety of activities across multiple subject areas. The space is used for telling and acting out Bible stories, hands on science exploration, math, journaling and writing activities, phonics and reading activities, creative play, art activities, fine motor and gross motor development, and more. While using the outdoor learning spaces, students increase their problem solving abilities while renewing their sense of wonder for God's creation through play, observation and sharing.
Praise Band
Praise Team is an extracurricular, auditioned group that rehearses before school to lead worship at weekly chapels. This group is open to singers and instrumentalists (guitars, bass, piano, and drums).