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Liz Wiersema
Liz Wiersema
Phone: 616-457-3301
Groups: Administration
I believe in a God who loves through granting forgiveness, showing mercy, and giving peace to all who believe in Him.
I grew up in Holland with my parents and two brothers. After graduating from Holland Christian Schools, I attended Grand Valley to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. For ten years I worked in the CJ field, as a cadet at the Holland Police Department, and for 8 years as  Probation Officer with Ottawa County. Throughout this time I married Jeremy (a JCS graduate!) and God gave us three children. My heart was with my family, so I quit working and completed a master’s degree in Public Administration. During this time we also welcomed our youngest child. Through my masters work, I partnered with JCS on writing a grant, which they received! It was through this partnership my passion became even more focused on JCS; this community and school are a blessing to our family!
  1. I studied Spanish for 8 years in school and studied abroad in college.
  2. The cello is my favorite instrument.
  3. My husband and I are both athletic and we love to play sports as a family!