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Scott Schermer
Scott Schermer
Groups: Educational Support Services
I believe God is full of love and that He has a plan for each of us. We are image bearers of Him and we need to look for Him in everyone we meet. God challenges us to step out of our "boat" like Peter did. He wants us to trust Him and step in faith especially when it is beyond what we think we can do. He uses our strengths and weaknesses to shine His glory. These are the beliefs that I want my students to learn as they grow in a closer understanding of God.
I was born and raised in Zeeland, Michigan. I attended Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. I received my Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from Grand Valley State University. I also have had further education through Western Michigan University, Calvin College, and the University of Texas.
  1. I taught in Brownsville, TX for four years.
  2. I went to Indonesia for a month one summer.
  3. I like to go to flea markets or garage sales to find hidden treasures.