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Mia VanDyken
Mia VanDyken
Groups: Middle School
I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior and that he gave the ultimate sacrifice, dying on the cross as a perfect man to save us from our sins. I believe that I am called to live a life that shows Jesus’ example, living out God’s word and aiming to follow God’s will for my life. I know I am a sinner and constantly fall short as a Christian, but that by grace and through faith, I am saved and will meet our heavenly father one day in heaven. I believe God loves all and my hope everyday is that I can be an example of Christ’s love to those around me.
I grew up right here in Jenison and attended JCS for all of my elementary and middle school years! I graduated and went to Unity Christian in Hudsonville and then chose to further my education at Bethel University in Indiana. I am currently a member of Harbor Churches and have been there for quite some time. Jenison Christian is the first place I have started my teaching career at and I absolutely love it. I look forward to many more years here!
  1. I love singing and oftentimes will sing about random things during the day (sometimes unaware).
  2. I am obsessed with any sort of iced caramel coffee.
  3. I have a very odd phobia of velvet.