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Renae Grassmid
Renae Grassmid
Groups: Preschool
I believe we were created with the purpose of glorifying God and for His enjoyment. Ever since the fall of mankind, God had a rescue plan to send His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for repentant sinners. I believe in the trinity; God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that God desires to have a relationship with each of us and we are constantly dependent on Him. As sinners, we continue to mess up and we are called to seek forgiveness where God, by His grace welcomes us back into a sweet relationship with Him.
I grew up in Hudsonville and attended Cornerstone University where I played softball and pursued my teaching certificate. I enjoy gardening, boating, camping, traveling, and spending time with my family. My husband, Travis works in South Haven at Vibracoustic. We have been blessed with four boys who love most any sport, board games, and our family dog, Amos Ruger.
  1. I met my husband playing softball. I pitched for his men’s fast pitch team in Moline.
  2. I have always attended Hudsonville Reformed (PCA) Church and was baptized as an infant by our current calling pastor, Pastor Scott Van Oostendorp.
  3. My favorite season is summer, where I love sunshine, gardening, boating, camping and traveling!